Add any program to Right Click Menu

When you right click on the folder, What you see? A list of menu options called as “Context Menu”. It has a lot of options like Open, explore, Copy, cut Etc. Ever wondered how can you add your own customized option on this menu? See an example below.

Add any program to Right Click Menu

Well, Why you are showing me this? Why would I ever need it?
There can be a couple of reasons why you might do this

If you love to customize your OS,
If you enjoy playing with your computer configuration,
You frequently open a site while browsing in any folders,
You frequently open notepad to edit things, Why to go to start menu to open notepad when you can simply open it from anywhere just by right click
There are many many possibilities depends on how creatively you think. If you have questions or get an idea but could not figure out how to do, ask me from comment box and I would be happy to guide you.Alright, I get it. Show me how can I add the program to right-click menu
We are going to accomplish this by modifying the registry. If you are not so sure what registry is, you should read Introduction to Windows Registry and then Launching the registry Editor Tool.

Let’s go.

Step 1. Open registry editor by typing regedit in a run dialog box or from a command prompt.

Step 2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Shell

Step 3. Right click on Shell and select create a new key. Name it anything you like. Does not matter.

Step 4. On the right side, you will see a value name “Default”. Double click on it and put a name.
Whatever You put in this Default Value, will appear in the right click Menu. Again I will use WinTechGeek.

Step 5: Right Click on the newly Created Key again and then select new=>Key.
This time, Name it “Command” as exactly. If you put anything other than Command, It will not work.

creating command key

On the right side of command, you will see a value “Default”.
This is the Key which will execute whatever you want to do from that right click menu. For example, If you want to open a website, put “iexplore” (replace google with the name of your fav site).

I will put down a few commands which you can use, you can think many more

explore Open a website of your choice.
notepad.exe – Start notepad
Path of any software – Start that application.
Anything else which you can think of – It will do what you think

Sounds Interesting, I will use it for sure. Would You mind explaining how it works?
Sure, I am glad you are still interested.

If you read the article on Windows registry intro, It’s clear that registry is the heart of Windows operating system, No matter what we do on the computer it has to consult the registry to either get or put info. And of course when we right click on folder/files/ to populate the context menu it has to consult the registry. The trick we used was to modify the registry to make windows work the way we wanted.

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT is the root key which holds all the information about file associations and stuff. When we right-click on a file/folder windows looks for that file type from this root key and then executes the command defined there. There is a lot of things about this key, let us not go deep and come to our point right click on the folder. Well, when we right click on any folder windows quickly reads HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\directory\shell and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\folder\shell keys. Under these keys there are some sub keys which we see like Find, Open, Explore.

Each subkey under Shell has a name, a default value for that key name, a subkey Command and a default value for Command. The default value of Command key is the one which will get executed when you select your menu option from the Right-click menu.

To access disk cleanup in Windows

Have you noticed that your computer does not perform as fast as it was new? If the answer to this question is positive, it means you are not maintaining your computer effectively but Just using it and keep using until it stops working one day. You blame it to the hardware or to windows or a software or whatever. You prefer it to just format and load windows again and back to sucking it again until it stops working.. But If you could maintain your computer as you maintain your self, it can long last without problems. In this post, I am going to note 5 tips on how you can easily maintain your computer for optimal performance for the long run.

The NTFS file system is much reliable than FAT32 and highly recommended for optimal performance. To check the file system on your computer, Simply right click on the drives and choose Properties as shown in below image. making the sure NTFS file system

If your computer is not using NTFS then you should convert your file system to NTFS.

You can get the drivers from the manufacturer’s website. I would highly recommend to use the drivers ONLY from manufacturer’s website as its tested and known to be working. Note that a buggy driver can cause your system to become unbootable.

Windows need some space free in the OS drive for its temporary works. Leave at least 2-3 GB space free in the C: drive to avoid performance sluggishness.

To access disk cleanup in Windows XP

Go to Start menu => All Programs=> Accessories => System Tools and then click on Disk Cleanup.
It might ask you to select the drive you want to clean. Select each drive (one by one)
After selection, it will prepare cleanup and present you with below screens.

Check the checkboxes you want to clean up and hit OK. It will flush the things into a black hole and your computer will feel a lot relaxed.

At least once in 6 months, you should defrag your hard drive. Disk defrag makes the read and write faster. Soon we will see an article on how disk defrags works.

You should regularly check your hard drive for file system errors and fix it before it becomes worst. If you are in an area where power cut is common, you Must check your hard drive once a week. It’s easy to do. see how in below image.

Click on start and then run. type cmd and press enter.
on the command prompt type “chkdsk C:” and press enter.

It will start disk checking and show you the result after some time. If you see any errors you should consider fixing it. Be aware your computer is on risk…

To fix it, simply add /f at the last of the command.

last but not least.

Upgrade to Windows 7 😀 .. Seriously it rocks !!!

how to make your internet faster

Internet connectivity is a process that gives us an access to the internet. We have access to the internet by using an internet connection method and if we don’t have an internet access, everything will become more difficult for us especially when we need internet access most. There’s more benefit to an internet connection than just to connect to the real world of internet, if your internet connection is not fast, that means you’re not getting the best of your internet access and in that case, you will either look for an alternative or you find a way to make the connection work faster and that’s some of the things we shall be talking about in this post.

Below in this post are some of the factors that can affect your internet connection speed and how to solve them and then how to make your internet faster than how it is currently working.

Tips on how to make your internet faster

The distance between your internet service provider and your home location can be the cause of your internet connection slow performance because if you don’t take proper care of this, you will end up browsing the internet at a very slow speed and you might not know the cause of this. So when you are trying to subscribe for an internet connection bundle, make sure that your would-be internet service provider’s network signal is available in your area as this will help you in getting a better and most reliable form of internet connectivity. You can do this by asking the question from one of your friends or relatives that have had an experience of the company’s service in your area because these type of people will be able to tell you the real truth of the matter. Your friend and relative or those that are living in your neighborhood are those that can help you out in this type of situation.

The amount of speed which your internet service provider offers can be the cause of your connection to poor performance. If the problem normally occurs through this area, the only thing you need to do is to check your ISP service bundle plan to see what they mentioned in their offer and make sure to review it very well before you go for another offer. Some ISP’s company on normal occasion provides low internet connection speed but they will offer high-speed internet connection in their brochures and always prove to offer faster and reliable internet connection, all of these types of offers are fake and you need to go far from them before they turn the table against you by providing you slow internet access.

In my case, I have a VPN subscription which slows down the speed a bit but considering the benefits of VPN and privacy its worth it. My home network connects to the internet via 8Mbps line so even with VPN enabled its pretty much fast. You can also check a post listed here that talks on the best UK VPN Service Providers

If you are a type of a person who usually loves to browse through the different website at a time on the computer, it will be very sad for you to discover that what you are doing is unhealthy for your computer’s health and that alone can cause your internet connection to begin malfunctioning. Do one or two things only on your computer at a time by making sure that you don’t open more than two websites at a stretch on your browser so as to save computer’s memory and processor’s power.